Edible Frosting Image Sizes


Caking Impressions has many sizes to choose from! We are certain that we have the perfect Impression for you!



7 x 10 inches (17.78 x 25.4 cm)

8.5 x 10.75 inches (21.59 x 27.3 cm)

8 x 13.5 inches (20.32 x 34.29 cm)

10.5 x 14.5 inches (26.67 x 36.83 cm)

11.7 x 16.2 inches (29.72 x 41.15 cm)


Please check with your baker to make sure that you have the correct cake measurements. This is very important because terms like half, quarter, and full sheet DO NOT mean the same thing at every bakery.

If the bakery does not know the size of their cake - you may try measuring it yourself, in store, or you can order one of the suggested sizes below. Without knowing the exact measurements of your cake, Caking Impressions cannot guarantee that your Impression will be a perfect fit. It is best to choose a smaller size if you do not know the measurements of your cake.

These are the most common cake measurements. Please do not forget that these are NOT universal. 

A quarter sheet is 9 by 13 in (23 by 33 cm). After frosting is added, either the 8.5x10.75 or 8x13.5 will work. You may request to have the 8x13.5 printed at 8x12 inches. Please include this request in the "Additional Comments" section at checkout. Many grocery store bakeries cut their cakes down quite a bit. In this case, the 7x10 is a good choice.

A half sheet pan is 13 by 18 in (33 by 46 cm). The 11.7x16.2 size typically works best for this size cake.

Another common half sheet size is 11 by 15 in. This is more common at grocery stores. The 10.5x14.5 is a better fit for these cakes. You may also choose the 8x13.5 and center the image.

A two thirds sheet pan (also referred to as a three quarter size sheet pan) is 15 by 21 in (38 by 53 cm). The 11.7x16.2 is the best choice for this cake size.

A full-size sheet pan is 18 by 26 in (46 by 66 cm). The 11.7x16.2 is the best choice for this cake size.



4 inch round (10.1 cm)

6 inch round (15.24 cm)

8 inch round (20.32 cm)

10 inch round (25.4 cm)

11.5 inch round (29.21 cm)


Please check with your baker to make sure that you have the correct cake measurements. Round sizes are named and measured in inches, so an 8 inch round topper should fit an 8 inch round cake. Please double check with your baker to make sure that their cakes run true to size. If they do not or they are unsure, choose a smaller size. If you want space around the edges, please choose a smaller size.

Caking Impression's edible frosting images are exactly the size listed.

4 inch rounds are generally a good size for smash cakes. Please double check the sizing with your baker.


All Impression sizes listed are measured in inches.